Yeah, my father was trained to be a Catholic Priest & became a Plasma Physicist instead. He’s always said the same thing. It’s amazing how often assumed leaders of “Science” have become the new religious heads of this now almost completely secular society.

You are not allowed to question their outcomes. They act as if there is nothing left to know beyond what they decide can be found in a lab.

The social sciences, are as you said, at war with biology. We have political activists informing scientists instead of the other way around, going to war with other scientists just trying to apply the real scientific method to their research.

It won’t last forever, like all things before it, it will eventually implode in on itself.

And as Dr. Kreeft points out, it doesn’t teach you how to be, only how to do the “science” so in the end, when it does and has become a religion, it’s a pretty awful one at that. A religion that has nothing to say about whom we ought to become, is an awful lot like a car driving for miles in an unknown direction, sure your making progress, you just don’t know what that means or where your going.

Great Article as always.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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