While I agree with your first point on projection, the issue is that she doesn't have any credible evidence to back up her claims, and that's beyond odd. I've been in a DV situation before, and I still have my photos as personal insurance. Do you mean to tell me she didn't take, let alone send, a single picture of the times he supposedly smashed her nose or beat her face? I don't see her as some wall flower living in fear of this man, fear of what others might say, but not him, the person. But, we are all welcome to have our own opinions.

Thankfully our legal system is predicated on presumed innocence until proven guilty.

Add to this; she is accused of DV against an ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend. There is even footage of her sister with friends being called out for being beaten again by her sister. It's not hard to see why she lost when a proper trial/jury was involved.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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