What you are saying is technically accurate but tone-deaf to anyone who actually watched the trial; she got caught lying many times and, quite frankly, came off awkward and emotionally manipulative on the stand.

I've been in a DV relationship, and if I was on that stand saying the things she was saying, and it was real, it wouldn't be hard to emote those feelings; in fact, that's precisely what a good lawyer wants you to do.

Amber, not so much; not a single time did a tear go down her cheek; in fact, Johnny's lawyers were so keen that they had her performance coach as a witness, and they said she has extreme difficulty crying during performances. At one point, she holds still a tissue to her nose, and a flash goes off, and you realize she's just posing for a camera lol The whole thing is a mess; he shouldn't have been in this situation either.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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