To be fair though Tara Reade is claiming she was raped and there are plenty of us on the left, such as myself who were equally concerned about someone being elected to the supreme court over less. I understand this articles intent, but do you realize that in the same breath your implying the only people who care about what she is saying are disingenuous people on the right? Is that on purpose?

CNN is already being accused of purposely hiding and renumbering archived episodes of the Larry King Show from that time period where Tara Reade’s Mother actually called in Live to ask the then Senator, “What would you tell someone whose daughter told you she was assaulted by a senator?”.

And speaking of Donald Trump, he once answered on National Television sitting next to his daughter when asked what they have in common, “Sex” with a smug smile I might add, pretty skin crawling stuff all around.

We should all be equally concerned.



I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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