This point you've made of it being a metaphor for being in corporate is interesting to me because C.S. Lewis famously wrote a book called "The Screwtape Letters." In it, a young demon writes to a more experienced demon for help with a case he is working on. All of hell is reduced to a corporation where for any monster to get ahead, they must first strike down someone higher in the Org Chart. I think of this much in real life and when watching the Sith.

I like Reva's character; I had issues rather with the overall story itself. Mainly how Obi-Won and Vader were written; they seemed sidelined in their own story. They should've introduced Reva and not Leia into a limited six-episode story arc. I'm glad you liked her, too, and grateful more people are being represented in television and film; I'll never understand the issue some people have with that part; it's just incredibly narcissistic/selfish.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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