My condolences on the complication; that's always heart-wrenching.

Still, my point is we were not struck over the head, put at gunpoint onto an overcrowded train with other people in a state of fear, and made to strip our clothes and be inspected like animals. Used as guinea pigs for Bayer to help make the first proper birth control pills against our will. Given numbers instead of names using IBM technology. Then we are used for free slave labor all the while being psychologically tormented by our captors.

Choosing to bunk in flea-ridden beds to keep the Nazi soldiers at bay. Others, most others, were raped, murdered, and their skin peeled off, dried, and used to make lamp shades, in this stroy you just told.

Please do not compare this near Lovecraften nightmare to a doctor who is uncomfortable or legally unable to perform an abortion, I imagine you mean well, but this is the side effect of coddling the Western Mind. I assure you most of the world does not think like this, and America is becoming ubiquitous for a kind of mental instability in the fact of the stark objective truth of the brutality of existence. In short, we live in the most prosperous age ever recorded by man, more people have been lifted out of abject poverty in the last 50 years than ever before, and you and I, no matter how hard things may be, have more access to resources than any other generation that has ever lived, and yet, we are told every day how bad everything still is.

For me, it's the curse of those who read, who actually know our history, to know what is wrong, and for almost everyone else to have no idea what you are talking about.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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