It’s interesting but I do still question it, the whole point of being agnostic is to admit that one is not quite sure what they believe as they are able to admit there are aspects of existence that escape them, in other words they are incredibly Socratic People who question everything including their own ability to understand anything beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But an Atheist? Well, this is in many ways identical to a religious believer who truly believes that there is no God. No Supernatural (for you to have supernatural events is to then admit to self that there could be events beyond man’s current comprehension and thus opens a flood gate to Agnosticism and or Traditional modes of Religious thought). I apologize if it seems like I’m harping a point here it’s just hat I’ve noticed a strange thing happening in the last ten years on this particular ideological front as the meaning of words have shifted away from what they once wrote about these strange grey places.

I’ll give you a working example, a colleague of mine back in college started dabbling in Neo-Satanism, otherwise pretty nice guy, he claimed to me “they” were not really satanist just Neo Atheistic Protestors of Christianity. I asked him very kindly about the spirit of what they do there and teach and it was pretty clear regardless of what they called it, it was just your run of the mill Satanism slightly rebranded for a modern audience. Because at the end of the day if the spirit remains the same, is it really something else?

Just food for thought.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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