Is that really at the heart of why Star Wars fans have been upset? Truly I say to you; that I have seen modern Star Wars writers openly mocking die-hard Star Wars fans publically. It is evident that the current internal I.P. handlers (with some notable exceptions) have little regard for the source materials and believe they can make Star Wars whatever they want and put down lifelong fans of the I.P., in general.

All the while believing the general public will still consume it. Still, there are limits, and the newest scandal is announcing an actress/unique character, publicly accusing a section of the fan base of being racist if they don't blindly like her character. It's manipulative (Read: Gaslighting) and getting old.

Do I think all of this is super important? No, but I do believe it isn't good for business. Meanwhile, I am a Trekkie fan, so I have my issues to deal with as someone who loves an I.P. that has lost its way. But, at least we have The Orville; what do Star Wars fans have?


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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