I think the core issue most of us have with this series has little to do with the diversity of casting.

Unfortunately, there will always be a mean ugly group of individuals who 100% exist and are vocal, which will make it about the diversity casting in the year 2022 of our Lord as if that isn't the dumbest thing on Earth to be angry about. I say this as a German Jew (among some other things). People can suck.

However, the production team reached out to Peter Jackson (the first and only man ever to successfully adapt the Lord of the Rings into live-action), only to ghost him after getting his first round of script notes (the story Mr.Jackson is telling). Surreal.

Next was the hyper-focus on the diversity of the cast vs. staying faithful to the source material. It seemed odd how much of the focus was on the variety of casting, as if the entire production resting on this one creative concern was so much more the point of this whole creative venture than telling a perfect, compelling story set on Middle Earth. Stranger still was this unshakable feeling that the almost feverish focus on the importance of diversity hiring was going to be used to deflect criticisms on the quality of this production if something went wrong and it was not well received by fans, such as myself. Fun Side Note: The actress who plays the Dwarven queen kept insisting throughout all the promotional tours that she was the first female dwarf ever seen on film (in LotRs), even though female dwarfs in Peter Jackson’s less beloved (and arguably unnecessarily long) Hobbit Trilogy did happen, which only added to the ire among fans. A tad silly, I know, but as a film graduate myself, she never watched the films, and no one who was her handler did either or cared enough to correct her. It came off tone-deaf at best and indifferent towards the fans at the worst. It's not like we've had a female drawrf main character yet, so points for that, I suppose!

But, most of all. Tolkien is a hard act to follow, and I do not envy any team that has to make up stuff that sounds like things Tolkien wrote; yikes. I also would've accepted a poor man's, C.S. Lewis. Instead, we get what sounds like fan fiction written via a subreddit by many different fans who've barely read the books. Elven warriors killed by an ice troll be damned, but dialogue that sounds like it came from a first-year film graduate?

Are you saying that at one billion dollars, they couldn’t find a single person who writes dialogue at this level? It sounds like the script was written by a lousy subreddit taking turns making fun of fiction, not the spiritual successor to one of the most beloved IPs of all time—just my two cents. Hands down that is my main complaint; nothing else I wrote here even comes close, not by the size of Jupiter.

I will give it a single up, though! I think the landscape shots are gorgeous, but the costume designs are somehow worse than in the movies. Hey, maybe it gets better in time; rooting for it!


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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A Clay Lamb

A Clay Lamb

I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.