I think for a lot of us it becomes crystal clear where someone is getting all their news by how they approach this subject.

Our sitting President for example has disavowed David Duke, White Supremacy, the KKK on like 40+ occasions, even Chris Wallace asked on National Television in 2016 📺 does President Trump disavow David Duke and all forms of White Supremacy, and of course he said yes.

Then flash forward in time to our first Presidential Debate of 202o and Chris Wallace asks the question again as if he’s never heard President Trump answer this question, same thing happened during the Town Hall that aired the following week. Further more when he did answer it she tries to imply he didn’t answer quickly enough and tries to make an issue where there is none.

Then you have the cages being built and originally put into use in 2014 and the media doesn’t equally push back on both candidates. As a registered Democrat myself I’m angry they choose Joe Biden.

Remember, President Obama said, and I quote, “Do not underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to %#*^ things up.” Just insanity running a career politician known for lying with an absolutely abysmal track record for the very policies and implied moral biases the media keeps tying to accuse our sitting President of having.

Meanwhile we had Bernie Sanders, they choose not to let him win. They want the people who want his policies but not his policies. AOC for example and people like her are going to have to bide their time.

Either way it’s all done in 7 days.

Regardless for what happens I’m praying we all come together and stop throwing mud in each other’s eyes. Being this divided all the time comes down to a personal choice too. God Bless you all.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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