I feel bad because nothing you said is technically wrong in that it’s super expensive and like you I can not justify affording it right now at all either, but and this is a big conjunction here, IF by chance you can afford it? As someone who bought the HTC Vive & unfortunately had to return it, it is an extremely cool piece of technology that is rapidly becoming more affordable in each iteration, which is true of all (if just most) new emergent tech.

So while I’m also tempted to complain about the initial cost investment, how is dropping $550 + another $250 on brand new consoles and controllers every five years all that different? In fact, if one takes into account the nature of online play and that VR by nature is a online ready platform, you actually buy less over time as the investment is higher initially but spread among other adapters, as in you do not buy other controllers or adaptors for other players. Just food for thought.

Either way I hope you get one for Christmas! Be safe out there & God Bless.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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