I can assure you that while he didn’t cite articles here in this article, I can faithfully point you in the right direction. You should start by studying ancestral Anthropology with a focus on dietary evolution.

In my opinion you should watch, Cholesterol, The Great Bluff, before anything else, here it’s reiterated by the French Scientific Community that Ancel Benjamin Keys, the man responsible for coming up with the idea that there is both a good & a bad form of Cholesterol has been openly debunked by the world scientific community, not once but twice. Basically he purposely cherry picked countries that proved his hypothesis and ignored countries like France where they eat far more animal fat then the average country but for some reason have the lowest amount of cardiovascular disease, in other words, not good science.

Other people to research include, Mark Sisson, Dr. Berry, Dr. Baker, Mikhaila Peterson to name just a handful of a growing community of people whom have actually experimented on themselves and are just reporting their personal findings.

After doing quite a bit of research on the subject myself, listening to a variety of voices on the subject, I cut grain, sugar and alcohol from my diet back in 2018, June. Subsequently, I begin to have one of the most rabid but healthy feeling weight loss experiences of my entire life. I basically lost on average 7–8 pounds a month, on average until I bottomed out around 190ish (I was 305 in the beginning and truly feeling my age). Now I look five years younger, I have the energy levels I had in my early twenties again and almost all my health problems have disappeared and the craziest part is my skin looks younger too, you’d have no idea that I was ever that big, for that long. So, I meekly ask of you to consider doing the research yourself, it might just change your life in the best possible way.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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