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Yeah some of us got a very different education and for myself personally my parents did their best. That being said, just like how all people are unique so are family Structures, thus not everyone’s family is going to do Home School the same exact way. Why would they? And if that is understood, outside of having basic testing to make sure developmentally (which we already do) the children in question (they do this yearly) how can you paint a one size fits all picture of what all home schooled situations truly are?

You can do some census, you can definitely track them professionally as they grow older. Business Insider has one article outlining and reinforcing what the research data has shown else where, on average Home Schooled Kids just test better across the board. The Primary Reason? Because in a nut shell, Teacher to Student Ratio is almost 1 to 1 in most cases, save for bigger families and yet the point remains, it’s not 1 Teacher for 30 different kids a year, it’s 1 Teacher, their own kids and every year, pretty difficult to recreate that in a classroom in a publicly funded system.

So my summery is this, Home Schooling if done right, is the unachievable standard for which all other forms of public education 1–12 grade should be judged. It is, for practical social reasons, High School that is a sticking point to me. High School is more then just an academic place, it’s social playground for learning how relationship dynamics will work once out in the real world, a hyperbolic chamber, if you will.



I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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