At the end of the day it will always come down to your intent, if your intent is to merely use someone’s skin color as a pretense to stifle their voice, that will come back upon you. I suspect that given enough time, people will always end up revealing the truth behind their outrage, if it has a real core to it, that too will come out and if it is among good people it will be heard well. The other extreme of course is those who never want to even know even racism is real and still happening today.

As someone in love with a woman who just happens to not be white she’s told me some interesting things from her point of view. The first being is white people have not come off generally speaking racist to her in her time in the Bay Area. What she has noticed is people of some races more then others being hyper sensitive to the idea that racism has occurred. Further more though this is not to say she has not encountered it or wonders herself if she has sometimes been a covert victim of it.

Which leads me to my next point, it’s a bit ephemeral unless someone gets caught in the act so to speak or openly exposes racist ideas. So regardless of how we feel about this individually, we all have a part to play in protecting each other and caring about how our fellow human beings are being treated. So you know, if someone is being racist, tell them to their face what their doing and if they keep doing it, don’t make up excuses for it, no matter what, just my three cents on the topic.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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