As someone who struggled with my weight (and still do) my entire life. I made a few key changes to my diet and loss over 100 pounds last year. I just cut out, bread, grain, alcohol and sugar. Now I just mainly eat meat, vegetables, fresh fruits and lots of water.

I was huge and in serious trouble health wise before the weight loss.

So now with that out of the way, lets back this whole thing up and really talk about the issue at hand. This is not a person whom lacks access to quality food. This is also not someone born with a condition. Instead this is an upcoming entertainer who has a shtick. In this case it would be that she’s a full figured gal who doesn’t need the world to find her beautiful to be beautiful. That is beautiful and not exactly an evil message in and of itself. The problem is this, once she gained true finical freedom, it became dangerously her identity instead of a series of choices she makes day to day.

Will Sasso talks about this as well. When he was coming up on Mad TV, he was affectionately referred to as the resident “Fat Guy”. Every time he tried to loose the weight, he faced unexpected blow back from the suits up stairs as Fox over what his future would be at the network if he actually lost and kept off the weight. Now your starting to see the danger in making someone’s body size part of their public persona, John Candy & Chris Farley come to mind.

So yes we can broaden out the scope of what is being disscussed here and or talk about the rudeness of someone like Michaels whom has made a career of being a Simon Cowell of fitness, speaking truth as harshly as possible as a way of sounding stronger then they actually feel.

But I’d rather say that Lizzo is talented no matter what her body size she is, period.


I like speaking the truth even though it gets me into trouble.

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